Komorebi Kombucha Brewery & Herb Shoppe

Komorebi’s mission is to provide the community with kombucha and herbal products for a more wholesome lifestyle. We grow many of the herbs we use in our products ourselves; using organic and no-till methods to keep the soil healthy and happy, resulting in the highest quality plants! We dry our herbs using solar energy from our hoop house or in a dark room to ensure the herbs dry at the proper temperate. We always harvest with the best of intentions and make our products with the same level of respect and love. All other plants and materials that we use in our products are ethically sourced from other organic farms. We have three main flavors of Kombucha. Lavender Lemon Balm, Palo Santo Birch Bark, and Turmeric Ginger. We do many other seasonal flavors throughout the year including some favorites as: Cucumber Jalapeño, Strawberry Rhubarb, Watermelon Mint, Apple Pie, and Grape. Other products include teas and tisanes, herbal body care, and aromatics.

19 Mill Street Naples NY 14512