Grimes Glen

This breathtaking thirty-two acre park sits right in the Naples Village at the end of Elizabeth Street. (Turn off Main Street at Bristol Valley Theater) Visitors discover the sights, sounds, and smells of pristine Grimes Creek – its bubbling cascades, crystal clear pools, and two sixty-foot waterfalls, all framed by majestic hemlock trees, bountiful wildflowers in Spring, and shale bluffs towering up to 200 feet overhead. Wear old shoes and walk the glen via trail or in the creek itself. There is a swimming hole below the second falls so wear swim trunks if you choose! On hot summer days, the Glen is often a soothing ten degrees cooler then norm. The Grimes Glen walk is less then a mile, and the adventure and beauty is rewarding in all seasons. There isn’t a website for this park, but we recommend this Facebook page hosted by area photographer Nigel Kent. His incredible photographs depict Grimes Glen as well as other local, scenic gullies and glens. . Also, has a ton of info and pictures too.

4703 Vine St. Naples, NY 14512