Annual Naples Creek Rainbow Trout Derby


2021 Derby Rules & Guidelines

To Our Long-Time Rainbow Trout Derby Supporters,

After cancelling the 2020 Trout Derby due to COVID, we are disappointed that we still can’t have our normal event. This year would’ve been the 60th Naples Creek Rainbow Trout Derby. (1961-2021) Unfortunately, our only option to canceling the derby again this year is to try to do it virtually using an app on a smart phone, and extend the one day event to four days. The Naples Rotary Club sincerely apologizes to those fisherman who can’t participate due to technology restrictions. We know that we’ll miss many of you who have supported this derby for decades. This is one of our main fund raisers, and we are also disappointed, and will miss you. We can only go forward the best we can this year, and be very optimistic that we’ll go back to the in person derby next year where we can sign-up at Sutton’s, shake hands with old friends, and go to the fire hall to get a fish weighed and measured. Until then, we hope everyone will get out there and enjoy fishing in Naples, regardless if you enter the Derby or not.

The Naples Rotary Club would like to say a special thank-you to the Sutton Company for being such an integral part of the Derby for so many, many years. Find details of this year’s Derby on our Facebook page at

If you are not on Facebook, please follow these instructions:
Here is how to sign up:

  1. Download the FishDonkey app.
  2. Join "Naples Creek"
  3. Follow instructions on app.

Type the link below into your internet browser if you have trouble finding the app to download: