1808 Tattoo

1808 is a professional tattoo studio creating permanent history in the Finger Lakes region. We make classic and custom tattoos to last. 1808 Tattoo was started with a love for tattooing, culture and the shop’s home of Naples, NY. Although the town of Naples was established in 1789, it wasn’t until the year 1808 that it was given its name. We hope to preserve and continue traditions of the past and present with classic and custom tattoos, taking pride in creating visual history that will last forever. Our artists and their work are a reflection of this effort. Versatility is an expectation we do our best to meet, but also encourage and welcome the recreation of classic imagery and design. We chose to open our shop in a secluded area of the Finger Lakes Region because we believe that atmosphere is an element to any experience. 1808 is surrounded with popular walking and hiking trails, fishing, local restaurants, breweries, wineries, neighboring “Mom & Pop” shops, and scenic views of the Naples Valley. Professional tattooing and lifestyle is the heart of 1808 Tattoo.

19 Mill St. Naples NY 14512
Phone : 
585 531-0015